How to Trust the Timing of Your Life No Matter What

How to Trust the Timing of Your Life No Matter What

How to Trust the Timing of Your Life No Matter What


How do you feel when someone tells you to trust the process when clearly things aren't working out in your favor?

I'm Not Trying to Hear It.

Maybe you've tried everything and nothing seems to work or your fearful and haven't made your first move yet. Either way when you experience loss after loss, you may start to feel that these words hold less weight and over time you begin to lose faith.

Personally, I began to notice that whenever I vented to my friends or family that things weren’t working for out for me, I would find myself getting a little irritated, defensive and even angry inside when they preached anything positive to me because sometimes I couldn’t see how I was going to make it to that point where everything is all good from where I was.

On top of that I was doing the same thing for other people, encouraging them to remain positive in dark times when I wasn’t even consistently doing this for myself or taking heed to what my loved ones were telling me.

I remember one time I even destroyed my vision board (I know, super petty! lol) because I just felt like everything was bullshit, that there was no way I could realistically transform myself or get all the things I wanted in the pictures that were plastered across my oh-so magical vision board.

So What Now?

It took a while for me to become aware and accept the fact that I didn’t fully believe in myself and I was so afraid of failing and what other people might think that, this is exactly what was keeping me from taking action and feeling hopeless.

Whenever you feel NEGATIVE emotion, it always means that your Grid STARTED to fill in something you WANT, and you BLOCKED it with a BELIEF, and in doing so you felt FEAR.
-Abraham Hicks

Now I watch a lot of content on personal development and you probably realized the same pattern with these speakers is that they always accredit their success to self-belief along with many other practical things like following morning routines and planning their days, etc.

Just like they did, you have to train yourself to believe that things are working out for you no matter what so that it can fuel your confidence during the good times and most importantly during the bad times when you’ll need this positive energy the most.

This confidence will drive you and motivate you to take action, it’ll help you to push through when it seems like your plan isn’t working and even guide you into finding the right answers you need in order to take the next step.

So the next time you are in your feelings about where you are in life compared to where you want to be, have some patience and yes, trust the process. Believe you will receive the seeds you've sowed. There is no sense in letting worry, fear, and anxiety make you dig up what you’ve just planted to see if it’s growing.

Power Trip.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is the power of resilience. My boyfriend literally tells me this all the time when I complain about things not moving fast enough for me, he’s always like, “You need to have thicker skin! Why are you giving your power away, draining your energy over some shit you don’t have any control over? If you do have control over it, what’s the solution? Okay, so then do it.”

As much as he used to annoy me with this, I definitely admire this quality in him because it helps you to focus more on using logic to solve a problem versus emotion which has the ability to cloud your judgement and even paralyze you to the point where you don’t take any action on the changes that you want to make.

Now I would get so uncomfortable hearing this but I know it’s the truth, that’s why it bothered me so much. I’m learning to trust the process a lot more now because I feel like my old ways of thinking and doing things clearly hasn’t been working for me. I am practicing shifting my perspective,  surrendering to a Higher Power and taking more action towards creating my reality.

Reality Check.

I believe that when things don’t work out in your favor it’s because you have not passed certain tests that was designed to teach you important lessons that will propel you to the next chapter of your life.  Believe it or not, you are always being tested because what got you here to this point right now won’t get you there to that next level of success. More is required of you now and will continue to be as you will always be striving for the next best thing life because that’s what personal growth is all about.

I think anything that seems like an insignificant task right now and that you just don't want to do is tied up in your destiny. Sometimes it can even be uncomfortable to have to humble yourself but when you are faithful in the small, you're passing the test that is getting you prepared for the next best thing God has in store for you.

Understand that the experiences that challenge you the most aren’t meant to be permanent, it's just a step along the way. It may not seem that you are making progress because what you want hasn’t manifested yet but you are making progress. Your results will come if you’re your faith and energy are in alignment which will drive you to take action.

Don't Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith.

Joel Osteen who inspired this post shared a great analogy, he said to think of yourself as a Chinese Bamboo plant. For the first four years, the Chinese Bamboo barely grows above ground and you can hardly see anything happening. But underground where you can't see, it's developing a massive root system.

In the fifth year, once the roots are firmly established, the plant will take off and shoot up to as high as 80 feet in the air from zero all in one year. What makes the fifth year possible is the four years of preparation.

Without the years of underground growth, there wouldn't be anything to see. Like this plant you may not see anything happening in the beginning and middle stages but on the inside, your roots are growing down deep and at the right time when God knows that you are prepared, you are going to come into your fifth year like BAM! In your face, I did it bitches!

You’ll see the results and then suddenly your health turns around, you have lots of money, you are able to financially help the people in your circle, you're living your best life. Imagine how amazing that feels!

My Advice to You.

Your job is to harness that feel-good energy even when you don’t see the results right away. Let your emotions guide you. Your emotions are the perfect indicator of whether or not you are in alignment to what you are wanting.

If you feel good then great, your energy is aligned to your desires. But for whatever reason you are feeling sad, impatient, frustrated, anxious, upset, disappointed, etc, you are throwing yourself out of balance and out of alignment to the things that you want. Your current energy state has to ALWAYS match the positive frequency of all the good things you want in life. It’s a pretty simple concept, just not very easy to do without a good amount of practice. That’s why you have to continuously practice feeling good over and over again, controlling the direction of your thoughts every second of the day.

When a negative thought slips into your mind because it will, keep replacing it with it’s positive counterpart.

So for an example if you are thinking, “I am never going to get to where I want to be,” override it with “I am exactly where I need to be right now and I know that I will get exactly to where I want to be.” You may not know how just yet but it feels so much better and you’re adjusting your vibration to match the vibration of your desires.

To take it a step further go ahead and ask yourself, “Why am I going to get to where I want to be?” Then break it down again. “Okay, I’ve been blogging consistently everyday, I’ve been consistent in eating right and exercising so I know it’s only a matter of time before I see results.”

On the contrary, if your brain can’t find an answer to why you will eventually end up to where you want to be, perhaps you should be asking the next question which is, “What do I need to do everyday to bring me closer to my goal?”  

Most of you want want five year results without the four years of preparation and shit just doesn’t work out that way. You have to put in the work- spiritually, mentally, and physically. Sorry, there are no shortcuts.

On a Side Note.

If you are one of those people who are in the habit of comparing yourself to others that appear more successful than you or you care about what other people think about you during this process, just let it go. Don’t be a hater, always send love and blessings their way. You are something special and that's why it's taking longer for you.

On the flip-side, if you know that you should be putting in more work and you're not, how can you be mad at the next person for showing up and creating their own success? You really have to get real with yourself and do what is required of you to win. You can't just think and feel your way to success, your actions must be in alignment as well.

Thoughts + Feelings + Action = Law of AttrACTION

Be Thankful for Closed Doors. They Often Guide Us to the Right One.

Remember every single thing that you are currently experiencing was meant for you to go through. Take it as a sign that you have to reevaluate your thoughts, emotions, and actions and at the same time, God is up to something amazing for you. Keep passing these tests, keep doing the right thing when it's hard and don't run away when things get uncomfortable. All of that is getting you prepared. You got this baby!



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